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Pursuant to Section 2.9 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the EC Bar Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc. (“the Restrictive Covenants”), the following rules were adopted by the Board of Directors of the EC Bar Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc., on December 10, 2009:


2009.01         All groundwater wells installed by a Lot Owner on a Lot Owner’s property shall be limited to a ˝
(one-half) horsepower pump or equivalent solar pump. This Rule does not apply to pumps placed in wells owned by the Association or Declarant, as such terms are defined in the Restrictive Covenants. Under no circumstances may a pump be installed by a Lot Owner that exceeds a ˝ (one-half) horsepower capacity or equivalent solar pump without the approval of the Association.


2009.02         In the event that the Lot Owners elect to replace existing irrigation ditches with a pipeline pursuant to the Restrictive Covenants and the Water Management Agreement referred to therein, the Lot Owners must first request permission from the Declarant named in the Restrictive Covenants to replace the existing ditches with pipelines.  Lot Owners understand that Declarant is under no obligation to agree to the replacement of existing ditches with pipelines and in the event that Declarant withholds his consent, then Lot Owners shall not replace the ditches with pipelines.






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