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March 24, 2010


The following information is NOT A LEGAL OPINION. See the Public Report, Assn CCRs, Assn Rules, and Irrigation Water Management Agreement (IWMA) .


There are two types of water: Potable and Nonpotable. Potable water is generally used for human consumption, whereas nonpotable water is never used for human consumption.


  1. Potable Water. There is no municipal water supply, water district, or water provider in Nutrioso. There may be one or more companies that haul potable water for customers. The EC Bar Ranch Estates is a “dry lot subdivision”, which means the only source of domestic potable water is by groundwater supplied by a water well or water acquired elsewhere and delivered to the lot owner.

A.    Water well.

(1)   Rights. Every lot owner has the right to apply to authorities for permission to drill a water well.

(2)   Drillers. There are well drilling companies that may drill wells in the Nutrioso area. They, and others, may install pumps, storage tanks, and provide maintenance. Lot owners are responsible for contacting a driller, obtain permission to drill, and developing a water well.

(3)  Pumps and storage tanks. See CCR’s. A water well pump may be solar powered or use electricity.

(4)  Water development expenses. See the Public Report.


B.   Hauling water.

(1)   Lot owners may haul water themselves and/or hire a water hauling service. Generally, a person who hauls water for others has a 2,000 gallon tank on a truck, purchases water in Springerville or Alpine, and charges for their services. This is similar to a propane company, such as Sierra Propane, that periodically delivers propane to a storage tank for a lot owner as the gas is used.

(2)  Once a storage tank is filled, whether by a water well or hauled water, a booster pump supplies water into the house under pressure. A gauge in the tank indicates the water level.


  1. Nonpotable water.
    1. Not for human consumption. Nonpotable water is not suitable nor safe for human consumption. CCRs prohibit non-potable water from being piped into a house.
    2. Delivery and use. Conditions for use of non-potable water in the EC Bar Ranch Estates subdivision is described in the Irrigation Water Management Agreement (IWMA) and administered by the Property Owners Association (POA).
    3. Surface water rights. Each lot in EC Bar Ranch Estates has .50 or more surface water rights that may be used for irrigation purposes. The Irrigation Water Management Agreement describes conditions under which lot owners may use water rights from earth ditches during the irrigation season. See for a list of lots and water rights. Also see Order dated June 21, 2010


  1. Fire suppression. The EC Bar Ranch has a 250,000 gallon storage tank, located near the subdivision, that may supply water for fire suppression by firefighters.
  2. Water article
  3. Well Driller Comments About Water.
  4. Lots With Water Rights


Surface Water Rights are used for irrigation purposes on the EC Bar Ranch

1. Surface Water Rights. Nutrioso Creek flowing on right; surface water is diverted through headgate (left).

2. Surface Water Rights. Water flows down a pipe (center); into a large storage tank (left) or ditch (right).

3. Surface Water Rights. Filling storage tank with surface water.

4. Surface Water Rights. Storage tank filled with 250,000 gallons of surface water.

5. Surface Water Rights. A 2500-gpm-water pump with 380 HP motor supplies a sprinkler system.

6. Surface Water Rights. An 8” mainline and 4” lateral aluminum pipe used for supplying irrigation water.

7. Big Gun sprinklers covering 70 acres.

8. Buried pipe supplies water year round.

9. A portable sprinkler attached to a buried pipe.

10. Water wells supplement surface water.



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